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The What

DataWiz is a single platform that has all decision making tools a company needs, with a business orientation and management focused – Business Intelligence tools, Artificial Intelligence Tools, Project Management Tools, Company-Only Social Networks and more

The Why

DataWiz is a solution to a critical problem in the world of Data – BEING BUSINESS FOCUSED. The fact is that data companies struggle with being business centric and solutions that are really relevant to the business, those the management really uses, are rare. DataWiz is here just for that. With a hybrid team, which contains both engineers and business executives, we can assure that are products are all Business-Relevant, Business-Centric and Business-Tested.

The Difference

DataWiz is different because we let you use the most advanced technology, without making the investment, without recruiting new divisions in your organization, without waiting months for results. Where else can you integrate REAL ready-to-use Deep Learning Models together with your Business Intelligence tools, all wrapped with a nice project management tools.

The Vision

Our vision is to make AI “Ordinary” in every business, which means that by saving companies millions on using AI, we want see AI in small organizations as much as they are present in big corporates.

Meet the Founders

Lior Meidan

Lior is the CEO of the financial & business consulting firm “Mind Finance”, and the CEO of DataWiz.

Lior has more than 25 years of experience working as an executive in big industrious companies, both private and public. As an executive, Lior acted as CEO, CFO and a member of the board of directors.

With Lior in the lead, Mind Finance is responsible for many companies’ growth and success. The firm provides financial & business consultation to companies and executives, budgeting, cost accounting, maintaining contact with financial institutions and authorities, embedding operational protocols and being active in the decision making process.

Daniel Millionshik

Daniel studied economics, math and computer science at the university and has an Economics degree.

Daniel is experienced with managing, developing and implementing Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Economics and Econometrics projects.

Daniel manages the Tech division, which develops the DataWiz platform and products. The division is also doing research, development and implementation of Machine Learning models on business data in a business environment, with focus on Deep Learning.

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